Aloha, compadre!

Thank you for wanting to learn more about us. We are an experience-based lifestyle boutique, a coastal concept store in the Midwest. We are influenced and inspired by the mountains and the waves... and the people that are drawn to them. We want you to go outside, to feel the sun and the dirt, the water and snow.

In NE, we don’t have access to an ocean and you won’t find epic fourteeners -- so we get it. When you think “outdoor living,” our cornhusking, plains culture may not be on your radar.

Until you visit.

Native to several warm-water lakes, rivers, eclectic wildlife, indescribably beautiful spring seasons and fall colors and scents that establish that sense of home - Omaha – is a stellar place for outdoor recreation.

Before Neighborhood Offshore became established, our vision was to manifest an organization that would showcase Omaha’s outdoor water landscape and also build deep connections with our community. We’d offer affordable events and classes, the highest quality products, local partnership opportunities, and free health and wellness tips from a highly credentialed staff.

Today, our mission remains the same and our passion for health and community is more fierce than ever.


In addition to being a specialty store offering curated collections, we are also a board shop, where you can: buy or rent SUPs and kayaks, participate in workshops, microadventures, camps, and parties, or enroll in one of our indoor Urban Surf Fitness classes.

One of our favorite gigs is being your travel scout. We are going on year four of hosting surf and snow travel retreats.

In short, we are your free-spirited friend that you love to visit, because it’s always a fiesta when we all get together!

Cheers and High Fives!

Neighborhood Offshore Crew


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